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Jewelry define your style and persona, presenting you better than a business card. In a second, they showcase your social standing and sophistication. Your jewelry take care of you, and we take care of your jewelry.
So how does it work?
As we've mentioned, your jewelry take care of you, and we take care of your jewelry. Whether it's a leisurely purchase of a new accessory or the sale of an outgrown one, or even a quick sale, we've got you covered. Need anonymity? We provide it. Want to sell beyond your area? We can make it happen. Just tell us how we can assist you, and we'll do it your way.

Here, we've answered common questions about how our process works and provided a straightforward 6 steps guide. Less worry, more gains.
What Is An Online Jewelry Buying Service
An online jewelry buying service is one of the different ways to sell your jewelry through the internet. When you try to sell your treasure online by yourself, you might find the process very stressful and overwhelming. You might connect to unserious buyers, get low prices, or get people outside your local area. But with our services, you can sell your jewelry at ease, quickly and at the right price.

A few questions about the process

How 999Jewels Works
With our service, you get the best prices for your jewelry from our verified buyers. Send us accurate details about your jewelry including your model, year and condition to get instant valuation.
You will receive the best offers directly from buyers.
Once you accept the offer, you contact the buyer directly and get your money into your bank account.
How We Find The Best Buyer And Offer For You


Providing us with accurate details about your time-piece helps us find the best buyer for you.
Original box
At least 3 photos of your jewelry
The more details you give us, the higher your chances of getting a good and reasonable offer. Details like:
How Much Does 999Jewels Charge
Guess what - 999Jewels is 100% free of charge! We’ll never charge you any money to find a buyer for your wonderful jewelry. We don’t ask for your credit card. Try us out - we are free, fast and easy.
999Jewels will not show or share your email address or personal information with any buyer. We conduct all communications between you and the buyers anonymously. A buyer will only know who you are when you decide to call them or fix a date to close the deal.
Will Buyers See My Personal Information
Am I Obligated To Take An Offer
No, you are not obligated to take any offer you are not comfortable with from any buyer selected by 999Jewels.

Selling profitably your jewelry can be tricky and hard to do. The process is somewhat frustrating and you also have to worry about getting a good deal. But with 999Jewels, we guarantee a stress-free and anonymous process. You can rely on us to connect you to buyers and get only the best offers for your treasure. You can also sell directly to us and receive lightning-fast payment.

999Jewels gives you more when you need it the most.
Successful deals
Verified Buyers
Why 999Jewels?
Fill Out the Form
Start by filling out our online form. Provide details about your jewelry, including its model, condition, and year of manufacture.
What does the process look like?
Evaluation and Response
Our team will promptly evaluate your jewelry based on the information you provide. We'll get back to you with an offer.
Receive a Call with an Offer
Once you receive our offer, we'll discuss it over the phone and send it to your email for your consideration.

Send Your Watch
If you accept the offer, you have the option to securely send your jewelry to us for a more thorough evaluation.

Receive Payment
After the final evaluation, we'll swiftly provide you with payment.

The transaction is complete, and you can now enjoy the payment for your watch.

Our Clients Love Us
  • Jason Chen
    I recommend 999Jewels to anybody that wants to sell their accessories wisely. Their staff are pleasant, helpful and attend to all your questions in a professional manner. They do more than find you the best offer - they also care.
  • Luise Patrone
    I needed to sell my jewelry real quick for some quick cash and 999Jewels came to my rescue. They got me the best offer and I got the cash I needed.

  • Gabrial Mendez
    The only service that connects you to good buyers and gets you good deals. I highly recommend them!
    My favorite thing is their responsible approach to client anonymity.